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P-Toluene Sulphonic Acid/ PTSA
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para toluene sulfonic acid , p-toluene sulfonic acid, PTSA (monohydrate) [cas:6192-52-5]

P-TOLUENE SULFONIC ACID, molecular formula:C7H8O3S¡¤H2O, molecular weight:190.2,CAS NO:6192-52-5.( CAS NO of anhydrous material: 104-15-4),Colorless or white ,and needle-shaped crystal. It dissolves in water, ethanol, aether, benzene, has medium toxicity, and is pungent to the skin, eye. It is mainly used in the organic synthesis industry. And in the pharmacy, it can synthesize Doxycycline, Persantin , Naproxen and produce the intermediates of Amoxicillin , Cefadroxil .


Appearance:White crystal
Content of monohydrate:97.5% min
Free Acid
Total Moisture
Free water: ¡Ü2.5%

Grades: Industrial grade.

PACKING: Plastic woven bag with plastic lining inner, net weight 25kgs.

Production capacity:1000mt/month.

Warning:Stored in the breezy and dry place. Avoiding solarization, drenching and exposing to air. In use, it should be avoided of getting in touch with bodies and clothes.


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