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Mixed Cresol
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mix cresol, Creosote, Cresol mixture of isomers,Cresylic oil

Mainly consists of phenol and ortho cresol.The component ratio of isomers can be altered according to the requirement of customers.
Main uses:phenolic resin and insulating paint.


Phenol 70-80%
O-cresol 20-30%
P-cresol(¡Ü) 2%
Moisture (¡Ü) 0.2%

PACKING:Zinc-plated barrel with a net weight of 200kg.

Production capacity:20mt/month.

Warning:shoud be sealed in package and stored in well-ventilated places with a temperature not higher than 40¡æ.Collosion should be avoided in handling


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